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Finca Colibri

Place of well-being in a lush setting

This magical finca, of 86 hectares, is covered with forest and pasture, forming two arcs of a circle leaning against the mountain.
Maintained trails allow you to walk in the forest, to encounter the animals and plants that inhabit it.

In the rainy season, waterfalls allow for swimming.

Sheltered benches allow meditation, facing an extraordinary panorama of the hills, the Gulf of Nicoya and its tranquil islands, and in the distance, the misty mountains of Monteverde.
rayon de lumière dans la foret

Nos valeurs

Being of our word

We are all brothers and sisters
Let's communicate to understand each other

Being of nature

We are children of nature
Let's find ourselves in her

Being of freedom

We all have free will
Let's find our own path without influence

Costa Rica

But why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a magnificent country in Central America:

- The protection of its natural spaces with countless national parks

- A unique biodiversity

- The objective of producing 100% renewable electricity soon to be achieved.
écureil dans un arbre
péninsule de nicoya

The Nicoya Peninsula

Is an area of Costa Rica with a dry tropical climate.
The dry season is pronounced, and the rainy season less violent than in other regions of the country.

Is recognized as one of the blue zones of the world (more than elsewhere, centenarians are produced there...;))

La Esperanza, a traditional village

The village of La Esperanza, where we're living, is a typical place in Costa Rica
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