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Our Care

Feel better, feel like yourself

The two of us, we have learned, experimented, developed numerous ways of growing, through our life and professional experiences and interactions with our patients.

These treatments that you will experiment with us, will be most adapted to who you are.

Thus they are undefinable, because you are unique.

se sentir mieux, se sentir soi

"Let's dare to experiment as in our childhood"

soins Anne

Accompaniment with Anne

I am an initiated shaman in the Kyrgyz shamanic tradition with a gift of mediumship from birth.
My care is therefore guided by the different spirits that accompany me.
Therefore, I accompany you remotely (by email) or in person.
I support you in cleansing your family clan, all toxic memories, in an effort towards emotional well-being.
For this, I just need your date of birth and a photo of yourself.

Contact :
Tel: +506 8796 7320 (WhatsApp)
Email: anne.rose.remy@gmail.com

Accompaniment with Philip

I will teach you to become autonomous in the face of the difficulties of existance, by aiding to find your true personality and your true inner strength.
You will better understand your emotions, your sensations to no longer suffer from them.
You will step back from your recurring thoughts, your fears so that your spirit recaptures peace and free will.

Our sessions can be done in person, or during our workshops, or remotely on skype or whatsapp.

Contact :
Phone: +506 6387 3563 (WhatsApp)
Email: colibri.la.esperanza@gmail.com
accompagnement Philippe
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