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Our Workshops

Workshops with humanistic counseling

Our workshops will be either led by ourselves or by external teachers, friends or colleagues. They will be given on site with full residential board with organic and local products.

The groups will be 5 to 10 people, so that each of you can be accompanied with attention. These workshops will last from 1 week to 10 days, with two sessions per month. They will be given in French, and depending, in English, or Spanish.
They cater to people all over the world, to expatriates on site, to Costa Ricans, all those who wish to learn and discover in a privileged natural setting.
This website that you are now discovering is a link between you and us, whether you wish to participate as a trainee or as an internship supervisor.
Do not hesitate to use the contact page, whether you want to join us as an intern or as an internship supervisor.
The themes will be varied and focused on nature and personal well-being.
These trainings workshops are intended to start, strengthen or complete a process of inner growth.

Overview of non-exhaustive themes:
Discovery of the Powerful Nature of Costa Rica in the Forest, on the Pacific, near a volcano, work with Premium Crystal Bowls, Stress Management, Sophrology, Meditation, Yoga, Horseback Riding, Manufacture of essential oils with local plants, Eco-construction techniques, Thematic cooking classes..

Our current workshops

No workshops planned for now but to keep you informed of the progress of this project,
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