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Our Story

It all started with...

We met seven years ago, and this meeting was the starting point of the AuraSpirit adventure, where we were able to combine our creative talents to produce artwork highlighting semi-precious stones and gold.
Doña Anna y Don Philippe
”I am of a rather passionate and demanding nature. Beauty is one of my credo.
Very sensitive to Nature, to Earth, and all our environment. I worked for 16 years in the business of trading natural materials: minerals, incense, organic cosmetics...
Over the years, I have acquired knowledge in botany.

With Philippe, we have united our different sensibilities to create unique pieces, in our image, which highlight the minerals. We have therefore become expert craftsmen in our field.
Finca Colibri is for me a step further, a new period to transmit different approach techniques and understanding around vegetation.

It is a project together matured for several years, which once again unites our skills, at the service of the living.”
”I have always had a curious mind, being interested in both the physical sciences as an engineer and the human sciences as a psychotherapist.

I thus exercised very pragmatic professions like head of a study group, or very subtle, as a psychotherapist.

My meeting with Anne allowed the birth of AuraSpirit, and to express our creativity, by designing our artworks together.

The Colibri project is an outcome that we have been carrying Anne and I during a very long time, which allows us to share everything we have learned from our life experiences”

Transformation of the Finca

Temporality of the works that transformed the Finca into the place that welcomes you today

October 2021: first earthworks, preparation of the parking lot, the locations of the cabinas.

February 2022: The first cabina is finished, the second in structure, the roof and the floor

June 2022: the three cabinas are completed, construction of furniture and finishing of the village square.
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